Online IT Academy for Higher and Professional Education

This is an educational website for higher, academic and professional education in ICT. This site contains blog with integrated download center and separate virtual learning management system. That LMS provide materials for higher education such as Ordinary Level, Advanced Level and other academic education. Once you applied and registered on the LMS, you can access much of resources and practice with some activities.

Download center allows you to download model papers and references. Primarily the target of this site is to help students those who are studying local syllabus in Sri Lanka and International Syllabus such as London higher educations. Also, paper discussions are very helpful for make your exams easy. It has model questions with answer explanations.

Apart from academic education, this will be a good platform for learners those who are new to professional education in ICT. Basically, System administrations and Network Administrations. If you not started any further education after the higher education, you have a good introduction as the first post of each and every category for make it more convenient for you.

Some other tips in this website will be helpful to you in case of system troubleshooting and configuring computer systems. Hence I hope this site will be a considerable factor for improve your computer literacy and technical competencies.