Advanced Level ICT syllabus contains 13 units as follows.

  1. Concept of ICT
  2. Introduction to Computer
  3. Data Representation
  4. Fundamental of Digital Circuits
  5. Computer Operating Systems
  6. Data Communication and Networking
  7. System Analysis and Design
  8. Database Management
  9. Programming
  10. Web Development
  11. Internet of Things
  12. ICT in Business
  13. New Trends and Future Directions of ICT

In order to get a best result for this subject, you need to have a good understand about the exam paper. You have first paper that contains 50 MCQs. It’s very challenging part because you should be able to reach over 30 marks out of 50. The importance of having maximum correct MCQs is that part 1 paper marks will not be divided. You will have MCQ marks as it is.

But the second paper is different. You have both of Part A and Part B in your second paper. Part A contains four structured questions and carry 40 marks. All questions are compulsory in part A. In part B, you have six essay questions. You need to answer only for 4 questions and you’re free to select any of four questions out of 6 questions. Each question carries 15 marks and total marks for Part B is 60. Then, part A and B marks will be added together and divided by two for calculate total marks for the second paper. Final mark is given by adding first paper (MCQ) marks and second paper marks.

The MCQ paper is a way of reaching maximum marks very easily. Also notice that you should have a good understand in paper structure in terms of lessons combination. The entire paper has all questions from all modules mentioned above. But believe or not 20% of questions are created from Programming module. Means that you cannot get “A” credit for AL IT without having programming knowledge. System analysis, Database, Web, Networking and Logic Circuits module are the next most important units. Those six modules will give you roughly 65% – 70% marks for the paper. Rest of 30% – 35% marks can be reach by remaining units. So you need to pay attention about this combination and structure.

In this website, you can explore theory lessons and paper discussions inside the AL ICT section. Also if you need answer explains for any questions or papers, you can upload them by contact page. It only allows to upload PDF files with maximum file size of 5MB for each.