How To Force Stop Windows Updates

In Windows 8.1 and older versions, there was an option to disable automatic updates. But in windows 10 version, it’s unable to stop automatic updates. You can only pause automatic updates for specific time period. In this article you will learn how to disable automatic updates in windows 10. First let’s take a look about pausing updates for a specific time.

You can search as “windows update” on start menu and click on Windows Update Settings option. You can see Pause updates for 7 days option down below. Once you click on that option, you can pause updates for a week.

Windows Update Settings

But it’s not a proper solution for disabling updates permanently. Follow these steps to complete this task. Open the run window (press windows + R) then type services.msc and hit enter.

Run services.msc

You can see a lot of services are running. So we’re looking for two services. First one is Update Orchestrator Service. You can see the status of this particular service is running. Also, you have the service description at the left side of the window. Double click on that service and click on the Stop button. If you click OK button, it will stop that service but if you restart your system, it will run again as startup service. If you need to disable that service from startup, select Disabled from the startup type menu on the same window.

Update Orchestrator Service.
Stop the service & change the startup up type to Disabled.

Then navigate to the next service called Windows Update. Do the same thing for this service. Double click on the service and click on Stop. Also change the startup type to Disabled. Click OK button.

Done! You have successfully disabled windows updates. But keep in mind that updates are very important. It helps to keep your system secure, provide new features and so on. Often time updates might consume more data from your packages. Therefore, this will help you to save your data and control update settings as you need. If you have sufficient data, keep your system up to date.

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